FREE Download: Everybody’s Girlfriend Album


First released in 1995 to celebrate 10 years of the Amiga.


Everybody’s Girlfriend was recorded in 1995 to celebrate 10 years of the Amiga, and has been re-released due to the popular demand.  Containing 14 tracks of live music, recorded in a professional studio and powered by an Amiga 4000.


1) Living on the bread line

2) I don’t want to lose you

3) Crazy like the wind

4) Fiesta after the siesta

5) Get in quick

6) Everybody’s Girlfriend blues

7) Prisoner of passion  Composed by David John Pleasance

8) Lay down your arms

9) Don’t let me fall

10) Roses

11) Para mi amiga – Homage to Jay Miner (Composed and performed by David John Pleasance)

12) Lay you down

13) Feels like dreaming

14) Infinity (Especially written to launch our new Amiga initiative)


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